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In this project, we offer two residential units, of which apartment A2.1. it has been partially renovated and has new floating floors. The future owner will decide on the appearance of the new bathroom and kitchen, which are original. Apartment A3.1 is undergoing complete reconstruction, which you can see in the photo gallery in the form of visualization. The apartment is completely reconstructed, including a furnished bathroom and a new kitchen unit.


Common spaces
  • Repair of all windows, new electrical wiring, painting and new lighting, unification of doors, new entrance door and renovation of the entrance portal to the house
  • Renovation of the facade of the entire house

Housing units

  • Apartment A2.1. after partial reconstruction - new floors
  • Apartment A3.1 after complete reconstruction, including a new bathroom and kitchen unit


  • common maintained garden
  • villas offering privacy
  • high utility value in an attractive location
  • interesting investment opportunity
  • quiet living in an area from which there is easy access to the center of Prague and from the city
  • location suitable for those who want to live their life actively
  • house and area very suitable for families with children
  • the house will undergo renovations, which will increase the real estate value
  • good transport accessibility

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