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In addition to the construction of premium real estate in the wider center of Prague, the SATPO Group renewed investments in the existing housing stock in attractive locations in Prague under the City Home brand. In the amount of over CZK 500 million, the SATPO Group successfully issued bonds for investments in the expansion of its real estate portfolio in 2017.

"We are intensively involved in acquisition activities, buying either entire apartment buildings or individual shares," says SATPO sales director Irena Houžvičková, and continues: "In apartment buildings under the City Home brand, we perform basic building modifications that do not require a legislative process for resale. . We offer real estate owners comprehensive real estate and development services, we rely on the satisfaction of our clients and investors. "

Under the City Home brand, we offer studios for sale in apartment buildings, housing units with a layout of 1 + kk to 4 + kk, either for the purpose of own living or for the purpose of long-term investment. There is also an offer of commercial space for your own business. An example is the Dvorecké náměstí apartment building in the Podolí district of Prague or the Ruská apartment building in the street of the same name in Prague 2. Elements of purism predominate in both apartment buildings in detail or overall, timeless design from the 1930s presents functionalist purity and simplicity progressive materials such as concrete and steel, which are still considered timeless classics.

The complete acquisition activity as well as the sale of real estate, including a wide range of services provided, is provided by an experienced team of experts from SATPO management, s.r.o. The current list of properties is presented in the City Home sales center at Holečkova 3331/35, Prague 5.

In 2018, the sale of apartment flats under the City Home brand amounted to CZK 200 million, and in 2019 the company plans to sell housing units in the amount of CZK 250 million.

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