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about us

The Company City Home offers the sale and leasing of the real estate, sales mediation, purchase of the housing blocks and the shares co-ownership, legal, financial and professional consulting, including additional services such as the real estate insurance, moving, etc. 

An experienced sales and acquisition team, co-operation with external partners, comprehensive marketing and promotion of the real estate, including the sound data management, monitoring and appreciation serve a guarantee of the top quality services rendered to the clients. 

The major values of the company include the respect, discretion, trust and loyalty to the client and to maintain and build the long-term relationships.

City Home is part of the SATPO Group, B. V. The parent company SATPO Group B. V. covers the holding companies of the City Home brand, under which there are project companies. A "single-purpose" company is always established for each major project, which is transparent in relation to banks and clients. SATPO management, s.r.o. provides a comprehensive service related to acquisition activities, development, preparation, implementation of projects, sale or lease of real estate with all client services.

More information about SATPO can be found HERE.

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