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Do you own a share in a residential building and are considering selling? Are you facing issues with co-owners and seeking solutions?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us. We will assess the fundamental parameters of the property in question and the size of the co-ownership share, and we will provide a non-binding offer for a buyout.

We invest in rental apartments, in housing for future generations.

buyout of shares

  • We purchase entire properties or co-ownership shares with the potential for further development, primarily in Prague.
  • We draw upon our long-standing experience from a wide range of transactions completed since 2017. We have been active in the Czech real estate market since 1994.
  • We professionally address easements, indebtedness, executions, and foster respectful relationships with co-owners.


We provide professional advisory services, and based on our extensive experience and knowledge from a wide range of completed transactions, our company has a long-term interest in purchasing properties, particularly in Prague:

  • Co-ownership shares in residential buildings
  • Rental apartments
  • Mixed-use properties
  • Land

Our experienced team will conduct an objective analysis and present a price offer based on initial property information, taking into account the current state of the property and its potential on the real estate market. We obtain much of our information from public sources, such as the land registry. We work quickly and professionally.

We also analyze the local market, property size, co-ownership share, and the required investment for necessary repairs.

We can handle easements, liens, mortgages, executions, insolvencies, and debt. We are experienced in dealing with financial institutions, banks, bailiffs, and authorities. We understand the probate processes and have extensive experience in negotiations with co-owners.


When selling co-ownership shares, we offer free legal services. We professionally handle related co-ownership relationships from a legal and property structure perspective. We also assess the technical condition and management setup of the property, operations, and maintenance.


Our strategy is to invest in residential buildings and enhance the living standards for future generations. In the long term, we aim to consolidate co-ownership shares or reach settlements. We appreciate residential buildings through property, legal, and technical restructuring.

The core values of the City Home group include trust, professionalism, integrity, and the establishment of long-term relationships with clients, partners, and investors.

odkup 30 % podílu, Vratislavova, Praha

odkup 50 % podílu, Hanusova, Praha

odkup 0,33 % podílu, Vodičkova, Praha

odkup 100 %, Nad Malým Mýtem, Praha

postupný odkup do 100 %, Mánesova, Praha

postupný odkup do 100 %, Ke Koulce, Praha

odkup 0,5 % podílu, Myslíkova, Praha

odkup 100 %, Dvorecké náměstí, Praha

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