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personal data protection


Our company devotes particular attention to protection of personal data. Below you will find information about how we process the personal data of our clients and users of our website at www.city-home.cz, on the basis of what legal reason, which complies with the general regulations on protection of personal data 2016/679 from 27 April 2016, which will come into effect on 25 May 2018, we process the personal data, for what purpose we use this data and what rights you have in relation to the processing of your personal data.

Who do you grant your consent for the processing of your personal data to?

You consent is granted by you to the company City Home Group, s.r.o., with its registered seat at Prague 5, Holečkova 3331/35, Post Code 150 00, ID Registration Number 01384147 maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Insert No. C 205717 (hereinafter referred to as the company). You can find the link to the companies forming the SATPO Group on our website HERE.

What personal data do we process?

The personal data we process include the name and surname (and also the corporate name, company identification number and registered seat for the natural person of entrepreneur), contact data (address, telephone number, e-mail), information on the real estate and other information from the contract concluded with you, information on use of our services and also the personal data received from you in the communication with regard to our offer of real estate services and the services in relation to the interiors and board.

What purpose you grant the consent to the processing of personal data for?

If you register on our website, you grant herewith your consent to the processing of personal data within the scope of your name, surname, e-mail or telephone number for the purpose of being contacted and sending offers of the real estate and services in the field of board and the interiors available in portfolio of the company as an established real estate company on the Czech market for the marketing. 

If you conclude a contract with us, we process your personal data on the basis of performance of the concluded contract or due to performing of the legal duty imposed by the legal regulations.

Moreover, the company also processes personal data on the basis of its justified interest, particularly for the purpose of establishing business co-operation, performance of internal analyses, the quality monitoring of the rendered services and the customer satisfaction aimed at adapting the offer to your needs and to improve the rendered services.

What sources we acquire the personal data from?

We obtain the personal data directly from you, the public sources (e.g. the publicly available Real Estate Cadaster), or from our own activity by processing and evaluating your personal data acquired upon your consent.

What ways we process the personal data?

Your personal data can be processed either manually or automatically to be done in the information systems of our company or by the co-op persons such as the personal data processors, whom a written contract regulating the processing of personal data is always concluded with to contain the same guarantees in relation to processing the personal data as obeyed by our company according to the legal regulations.  

The company adopted necessary measures to ensure safety of the processed personal data in both physical and electronic form. These measures include in particular the establishment of rules to work with the given information systems that ensure the systems of automatic personal data processing may be operated by authorized persons only with an access to personal data at the level of their authorization, making electronic copies to enable to establish and prove the time, person and the reason of personal data record or processed otherwise and prevent from the  unauthorized access to the data carriers particularly by mean of the password setting, access rights, coding, document preparation on the technical organizational measures, enhancing safety by the lock installation, etc.

All employees and persons in co-operation with the company having the access to personal data within our activity are trained duly and acquainted with the safety and confidentiality rules when processing the personal data. 

How we use personal data in the marketing?

The company City Home makes sure that your rights of the data entities are protected and executed to the maximum extent in the processing of personal data for the purpose of marketing. For the marketing, the City Home uses those personal data only that were processed in compliance with the GDPR and it commits itself to use the databases of personal data for the marketing purposes acquired from the data entity only if the City Home had a legal reason to use them in this way, particularly in case the data entity had granted an explicit consent to use them for such a purpose.

The City Home Company is required to acquire the consent of the data entity for the distribution of business messages (marketing materials). The exception to this rule includes sending the real estate offers and the information on the City Home offers and services in the form of e-mails or text messages to the contacts acquired by the City Home in relation to the sale of real estate and services. If the personal data is processed for the marketing purposes, you have the right to raise an objection against the processing of personal data related to your person.

How we use cookies data?

The City Home uses cookies for the proper functioning of the website. A cookie is a small set of characters stored on your computer upon your visit of the website. The cookies enable the website to recognize the user settings from the previous visits. If you use the same computer and the same Internet browser to visit our website, the cookies help your computer to remember the pages visited before and your site settings.

The standard web browsers (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) support the cookies management. As part of your browser settings, you can delete single cookies manually, block them or completely disable, or they can be disabled or allowed for individual websites only. Please use your browser's help for more details. If your browser is allowed to use cookies, we will assume that you accept the use of standard cookies by our servers.

The cookies are used by the City Home to identify users with similar interests to display more relevant ads. The cookies are not used for other than purely technical purpose hence, it processes them so that the identification of specific persons is not possible. There are temporary cookies and persistent cookies available. Those temporary ones are stored on your computer until closing the browser only. The temporary cookies allow storing the information while browsing one website and the other and eliminate the need to re-enter some information. The persistent cookies help to identify your computer when you visit our site again, enable us to customize our site to your interests, albeit they cannot identify you personally whatsoever and store the data fully in an anonymous way and do not associate the data with any other data. The legal title of the 

full-fledged cookies data processing serves your consent as a web site user acquired by default by your browser settings.

More on cookies click here: http://www.youronlinechoices.com/cz/

For re-marketing and in addition to the cookies, the City Home uses the Google Systems as well. The re-marketing data are used by us exclusively for the segmentation of website visitors to deliver more relevant ad messages. The segments are created on the basis of few general behaviour patterns of the visitors.

Whom we provide personal data to?

Your personal data are provided by us within the SATPO Group to be processed by the company SATPO management, s.r.o., with its registered seat in Prague 5, Holečkova 3331/35, Postal Code 150 00, ID Registration Number 27650723, maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Insert Number C 121608, who is a keeper of database of our clients. Other administrators receive personal data from us only in relation with the fulfilment of our legal obligations (submitting data to the state administration authorities).

What period we maintain the personal data for?

The consent granted for the processing of personal data remains valid and effective for a period of 5 years from your registration on the website or until the time of withdrawal of your consent. If you establish a contractual relationship with us, your consent lasts throughout the period of your contractual relationship with our company or any other company in the SATPO Group and for the next 5 years or until the period of withdrawal of your consent. Upon expiry of the validity and effectiveness of your consent, your personal data will be deleted or processed only in the scope and for the purpose for which your consent is not necessary according to the legal regulations.

How can you withdraw your consent?

The consent is voluntary, you can refuse to grant it or withdraw the granted consent any time by using the contacts below. The absence of granting the consent or its withdrawal has no impact on your contractual relationship with the company or the use of our services and neither the legality of processing data on the basis of the consent granted prior to its withdrawal. If you withdraw your consent, we will assume you wish no longer us to process your personal data for the marketing purposes.

What rights you enjoy in the processing of the personal data?

Your are entitled to request us to provide information on the personal data processed in relation with your personality, you may request an explanation if you find or believe that your personal data are processed by us in contradiction with the legal regulations and request us to remedy the incorrect state of affairs, and request to update data as well. This is also related to your right to request the amendment or deletion (disposal) of your data, or the restrictions in data processing. You are also entitled to raise an objection against the processing of personal data relating to your personality. If you raise an objection against the processing of personal data for the purpose of marketing, the company is not entitled to process your personal data for these purposes any more. The other rights include the right to the transferability of your personal data, or to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority, i.e. the Office of Personal Data Protection.

How can you contact us?

In case of query in regard to the processing of your personal data, you may contact us in written at the City Home, Holečkova 3331/35, Praha 5, 150 00, by e-mail at info@city-home.cz or by telephone at 800 404 400.

This information on the processing of personal data is valid and effective from 22 May 2018.

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