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If you are the owner of an apartment building or a proprietary share in the house and you are giving a thought to the sale or you have an information on the interesting opportunity, please, contact our acquisition department by email akvizice@city-home.cz or by phone at +420 604 522 375.

Based on many years of experience and knowledge drawn from a number of concluded transactions, we have a long-term interest in purchasing the apartment buildings, multifunctional houses, land or proprietary share, we offer the professional consulting services in the field of real estate investments as well as the mediation in sales and the real estate acquisitions with the potential for further development on the real estate market.

Based on the input information on the real estate, our experienced team will prepare a basic objective analysis to take into account the current state and the future development, the potential of the development of the subject real estate on the real estate market. The local market analysis and the investment emplacement suitability assessment, including the competing projects assessment, analysis of sales prices and the project optimum price determination shall be obvious.

As part of residential projects, we also offer the partnerships in the field of real estate development and the real estate market share assessment, financing, sales and property management.

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