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NAD OBCÍ 485/5

We are now offering for sale in a renovated villa in Prague's Krč two apartment units available 2+kk and 3+1. Future owners will certainly appreciate the possibility to use the enclosed garden, which is jointly owned by all unit owners in the building. It is a chamber project with a total of 3 apartments. You have before you such an exclusive opportunity to live in pleasant privacy, similar to life in a smaller city. Nevertheless, thanks to the accessibility to the wider center of Prague and local amenities, you will have all the benefits of the capital at your fingertips.

In addition, the location of Prague 4 offers many opportunities to spend your free time in many green areas or for example by the banks of the Vltava, where especially athletes will appreciate the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest. The layout of the smaller apartment is suitable for active single individuals, as a starter apartment or an interesting investment. The larger unit will certainly be appreciated by the family, who thanks to the adjacent garden will have a space where they can create strong memories.

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