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Ulice Nad Obci is located in Prague 4 in the immediate vicinity of the Braník district. Within a 3-minute walk you can reach the Na Vrstrevnici bus stop, buses can be easily connected to metro line C, as well as trams that run along the banks of the Vltava. By car, you can reach the South Junction in 5 minutes. As a bonus, you can travel from Prague by train from the nearby Praha-Branik station.

Above all, the area offers opportunities for rich sports activities, but also for pleasant and quiet walks, for example with a stroller or smaller children. You can run along the Vltava, ride a bike or in-line, as well as sit down for a lemonade and something good to eat with your family. In the immediate vicinity of the house you will find tennis courts, in the Braník area there is also a golf course, volleyball courts or even the possibility to borrow tools for water activities. There is also a wide range of playgrounds to choose from in the nearby area. In addition, nearby are the famous Yellow Spa, as well as the Ledáren Braník complex, which offer various opportunities for cultural activities.

Where to go in the vicinity

  • tennis club
  • swimming pool 
  • music club
  • Film Museum
  • park Dlouhá cesta
  • beach Zlute lazne
  • shopping centre Budejovická
  • shopping centre Pankrac 

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