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Technical condition of the house and units

The vertical load-bearing structures of the house are brick made. The ceilings of the lower floors are monolithic and there are wooden beams installed in the upper floors. The building is covered by the sloping roof with the truss made of wood and covered by the roof tiles. The roof is broken into the courtyard by a dormer. The facade of the house is not insulated, only plastered. The windows in the units are partly modern plastic (it is possible to assume an increased requirement for ventilation of the interior space due to moisture removal) and partly the original wooden casement.

The condition of the house installations corresponds to the time of realization of the house from the beginning of the 20th century. The backbone water distribution and sewerage are made from the original material. The heating is provided by the local gas or electric heaters (gas or electric boilers separately for individual apartment units). The DHW heating in the apartments is provided by a gas boiler or by means of an electric storage heater. Air condition of the apartment is designed naturally using windows or windows to the common skylight.

The material and construction solution corresponds to the time of the house's origin and the partial modifications described below, however the house was no longer reconstructed.


Repairs carried out in the house

1959 - Construction modifications made in the 6th above ground floor  - the attic

1977 - Installation of a passenger elevator

1987 - Implementation of transformer station TS 10 on the 1st ground floor

2001 - Extension of the apartment unit in the 6th above ground floor toward the attic premises 

2005 - Mergering of two apartment units in the 2nd above ground floor

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