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The apartment house was built in 1933 according to a project from 1931 by architect engineer Jindřich Holman for the construction and housing cooperative Lidové strany in Prague. Together with other facilities in the neighbourhood from the North, it is closing down the southern part of premises that include the former Barracks of Jan Roháč z Dubé (called Barracks of 28th Prague Regiment later on) built by the end of 19th century. The apartment house was built in the period of emphasizing the constructions made free from the decor and exploiting the construction itself, colour and structure of building material. It is a sign of a newly emerging style – purism developed later on in functionalism and constructivism. The complexity is replaced by the geometric purity of shapes with the decoration or the machined aesthetics being considered unfashionable at that time. Inside the house, there has been a building since 2006 that together with the former reconstructed barracks serves a judicial complex.

The apartment house represents a typically efficient building of simple shapes in very good conditions similar to the apartment units that are shaped in the one to four rooms with kitchen corner (1+kk to 4+kk) layout.

Advantages and benefits

  • efficient and functional layout
  • property low operating costs
  • wonderful view of the surroundings 
  • comfort living with small number of apartment units 
  • high utility value in an attractive location

Major modifications of a residential house made as follows:

  • new street facade
  • house entrance door renovated
  • installation of chip entrance system
  • electrical wiring modified in common spaces of the house
  • floor revitalization
  • bird nest protection installed
  • plasters, paintings repairs 

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