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Vršovice is a Prague district belonging to the city district and district of Prague 10 and it is very popular place to live. It is adjacent to Královské Vinohrady, Strašnice, Michle and Nusle.

A dominant feature of Vršovice is the Vršovice Chateau, which serves as a retirement home, a ceremonial hall and a multifunctional hall for organizing many cultural and social events. Another important icon of the Prague‘s Vršovice is the Sinobo Stadium (formerly known as Synot Tip Arena or Eden), which is soccer stadium where the home matches of the SK Slavia Praha team and occasionally the matches of the Czech national soccer team are taking place here.

The families with children will enjoy a wide choice of the state and private schools, kindergartens and out-of-school activities, the nearby Heroldovy sady and the Na Stezce playground, offering a safe place for having a fun of the kids. The rich civic amenities, excellent transport accessibility, a dense network of public transport and countless bistros and restaurants of all price categories, these all meet the requirements for the satisfied housing. In addition, the Prague 10 District supports many projects such as the Farmer‘s Markets, the Tales of our neighbours, Live with the Music or the Natural History Excursions.

It is also worth mentioning the neighbouring Prague district of Vinohrady, which is popular not only due to its magnificient residential development, but the Čapek‘s Villa, the Waterworks, the Vinohrady Cemetery, the Hus Congregational House, the Bezručovy sady also attract the attention and last but not least the quality level health care provided by the Royal Vinohrady University Hospital.

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