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The functional and practical arrangement of apartments with the layout of 1+kitchen corner up to 2+1 represents the cost effective viable type of housing with the promise to enjoy a quiet neighbourhood. On the fourth above ground floor, there is a non-residential unit and access to the attic. The attic space offers and investment opportunity to build another new apartment unit. 

In the courtyard, there is a small two-storey residential house with two apartment units. There is a seperate apatrment in the layout of 2+kitchen corner, i. e. one room + one room with a kitchen corner, bathroom and toilet on each floor. 

The windows to the courtyard provide a nice green area view, the surroundings are well arranged. Both houses have the basements, so each apartment has a cellar space and a common garden in the courtyard pertaining to the entire residential complex. The parking lot in the garage on the first above ground floor pertains to each residential unit, another parking lot is possible along the street in both directions.


Technical condition of units and house 

The material and construction solution reflects the time of genesis of the house and the partial modifications, the house was not reconstructed yet. 


Repairs carried out in the house 

1966 - realization of the dormer

1997 - gas distribution network installed in the house 

1998 - maintenance work performed to include repair of plasters, rain gutter channels, low-voltage distribution network in the house 

2006 - installation of antennas and technologies of mobile communications operator 

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