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The locality of Ďáblice was suitable for the settlement since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the archaeological excavations from the Bronze Age. The area of Ďáblice lies on a slightly sloping northern Ládví hillside, and unlike many other Prague villages, which have already been swallowed up by the expanding urban sprawl, the locality Ďáblice succeeded in maintaining its independent pattern up to the present day. 

The wooded Ďáblický háj (Ďáblice Grove) with the highest point of the entire Prague on the right bank of the Vltava River, the Ládví, at a height of 359 m above sea level, seperates it from the continuous urban installations. The origin of the name Ládví is derived from the words “hledět” (looking at) and “vědět” (to know), as the place with the distant views. The Lesopark (Forest Park) is a very pleasant forest park in the suburb suitable for everyday sports activites, either cycling, jogging or just a relaxation walking with the family or friends. 

The Ďáblice area is not drained into the the Vltava River, like the vast majority of the Prague territories, however, thanks to the Mratínský potok (Mratínský Creek) it is drained by the Elbe River basin. 

The soccer fans will not miss the sports club SK Fotbal Ďáblice, which promotes the call word as follows: come and play, come and cheer, every hlep and interest of sponsors is welcome. The TJ Ďáblice tennis club offers two play courts for the individual games or training. In bad weather, the Ďáblice table tennis or the local sporting Sokol House (Sokolovna) are offered. 

The Ďáblice Observatory attracts the visitors not only among the local residents but also from the general public. It offers its wealth of program including different astronomical, scientific or travel lectures, film projection evenings and observations of the night sky and the sun. It was built between 1955 and 1958 at the altitude of 328 meters by the members of the Astronomical Circle established by the Cultural Gabfest. The observatory has two domes for the observations, it is interlinked with the Štefánik Observatory on the Prague Petřín and since 1975 it has been the centre of the Prague Planetarium. 

The transport connection to the centre of Prague is best by mean of public transport from the Ládví metro station, and the connection by car to the centre is fast even druing the rush hours thanks to the trunk link to the Prague Ring motorway. 

The location has its wealth of the public amenities. Living in the pleasant village under the forest park combines the advantages of the urban area and the village. 

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