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Apartment units in the Školská apartment building are offered in the standard of final completion. Within the house, investments to a higher standard and repairs are planned, which will increase the value of the purchased property.


  • Construction of a barrier-free lift
  • Replacement of risers
  • Basement repair
  • Local repair of the facade
  • Revitalization of common areas, painting, repair of link crust
  • Repair of the door to the yard
  • Refurbishment or replacement of doors in units
  • Jamming of low-current distributions in common areas and unification of electrical elements
  • Addition of inspection doors and switchboard covers
  • Installation of an entry chip system, doorbell panel, house phones
  • The solution to the placement of waste in the yard of the house
  • Realization of new mailboxes
  • Repair of passage


  • purposeful and functional layout
  • low costs of running the property
  • yard, park in the vicinity of the house
  • high utility value in an attractive location
  • interesting investment opportunity
  • quiet living in the center of Prague
  • renovated common areas of the house
  • excellent transport accessibility
  • all civic amenities available on foot

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