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By generously building the New Town from 1348 and connecting it with the Old Town of Prague in 1367, the Czech king and emperor Charles IV created from Prague, a metropolis of European importance. The floor plan of the New Town consists of three squares connected by a system of regular streets - Cattle Market (today's Karlovo Square), Horse Market (Wenceslas Square) and Senný Market (Senovážné Square). The fact that Karlovo náměstí was the largest square in Europe with an area of 85,550 m² proves how generously the urban plan was conceived. Školská street, which connects Vodičkova and Žitná streets, had different names in the past, and it has only been known by its current name since 1869. In Školská Street, there is a branch of the Municipal Library, the educational and exhibition spaces are in the beautiful Neo-Renaissance house number 28. House number 16, which is the birthplace of the writer Jaroslav Hašek (1883 – 1923), is also worth noting. It has been protected as a cultural monument since 1971 Czech Republic.

The locality has full civic amenities, there are many shops and services, state and private schools and kindergartens, medical and cultural facilities, many restaurants, pubs and bars within walking distance. Školská Street itself, although it is located right in the center of Prague, provides a pleasant and quiet environment with minimal tourist traffic.


  • shops of all well-known brands (Václavské náměstí)
  • Franciscan Rose Garden
  • National Museum
  • Leica Gallery Prague
  • Světozor cinema
  • Theater in Řeznické
  • Drama club in Ve Smečkách street
  • Comedy Theater in the passage of Vlasta Buriana
  • National Theatre
  • C.A.M.P. – Center for Architecture and Urban Planning
  • The Botanical Garden of the Faculty of Science, UK
  • Gothic New Town Hall
  • the Gothic monastery of Emmaus
  • baroque church of st. Ignatius
  • cubist house Diaman

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