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RADLICKÁ 1170/61

The Radlická commercial building offers the non-residential premises for rent at the favourable price with a great flexibility. The office and warehouse premises are intended for all entrepreneurs, who can appreciate the functionality and the cost saving solution for their business activity. A wide choice of the vacant office premises providing a possibility of the flexible combination of several non-residential premises, which is a great advantage.

The Radlická building consists of two interlinked parts having both the different height levels and the number of floors. In parallel with the Na Laurové street (West), It comprises a total of six floors. The atrium building in parallel with the Radlická street (North) has three floors. In both cases, the 1st ground floor is accessible from the Radlická street. The underground floor is accessible from the courtyard. The most upper fifth floor is intended for the technical facilities of the entire buidling.

There is a reception on the ground floor providing basic reception services and routine operation of the house on the weekdays from 7AM to 7PM. There is also a building administrator available on call providing a routine maintenance in the dedicated hours. A comprehensive administration is provided by OKIN FACILITY, a.s. showing many years of experience in the field of facility management. 

The premises also include the one-storey garage closing them down from the South. In this way, a courtyard is created at the level of the 1st ground floor accessible from the East of an unnamed street. In the courtyard, there are 6 outdoor parking lots available for rent to the tenants of office premises. 

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