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Thanks to excellent transport accessibility not only by car without traffic collapses, but especially by public transport (mostly by underground), the Radlická Street in Prague 5 is a very popular location for the headquarters of many companies. There is a high concentration of entrepreneurs and traders from various areas of business. 

  • nearby the Prague Centre 
  • excellent accessibility by car and public transport
  • Smíchov railway and bus station
  • Santoška and Paví vrch gardens
  • Motorlet sports centre
  • extended public amenities

In the vicinity, there are all facilities and services available to enjoy a pleasant life. There are the high level public amenities installed here. Shops, restaurants, schools and kindergartens, small pubs, playgrounds, swimming pools are also available here for you. Both the tennis courts and the golf course are located 10 minutes by car. 

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