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Hlubočepy is located in the valley of the Dalejský brook. It is also part of the historic village and cadastral area of Hlupočepy. This territory also includes the districts of Starý and Nový Barrandov, Klukovice, Zlíchov and Žvahov.

Žvahov itself consists of a hill and a residential area located on the slopes between the tram line leading from Smíchov to Barrandov and the railway line (Buštěhradská dráha), which became famous due to its high viaducts located in this area. In the district and its vicinity there are several protected areas, namely the nature reserve Prokopské údolí, whose part is also the hill Děvín and adjacent ridges collectively called Dívčí hrady and the natural monument Pod Žvahovem.



  • Prokop valley, rocks and lake
  • Hradiště Děvín and Dívčí hrady
  • Dalejský stream
  • Barrandov rocks
  • Bustehrad Railway
  • Prague Semmering
  • Slovanka Chateau
  • Meet Factory - space with galleries and workshops

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