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The Pod Žvahovem residential building consists of four floors above the ground, communal garden and a parking lot in front of the property in the private garden. Cellar cubicles and warehouses are also available.

There are 7 residential units with the layout of 1+kitchen corner up to 3+kitchen corner from 26m2 to 85m2 and 17 accommodation units with the layout of 1+0 from 13m2 to 30m2. The residential units on the ground floor has their own front gardens, there is also communal garden in the immediate vicinity of a natural monument, which is the rock Pod Žvahovem.

The investment in housing in the Pod Žvahovem residential building represents a lasting value in an exceptional location close to nature and at the same time in the city center. Accommodation units are an ideal investment for short-term and long-term rental.



  • installation of chip entrance system
  • reconstruction of common areas of the building
  • arrangement of the communal garden and its background
  • division of the garden into a common and a private part
  • construction of a cellar cubicles
  • ensuring the measurement of electricity consumption and central heating


  • efficient and functional layout
  • property low operating costs
  • greenery in the common courtyard and nearby
  • parking space
  • high utility value in an attractive location

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