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ADDRESS: Peckova street 5/253, Karlín, parcel no. 21, PRAGUE 8

The Peckova House is part of a classic urban development in the attractive Karlín district and it is placed in the quiet Peckova Street located between the Florenc and Křižíkova metro stations. The tram stop the Karlínské náměstí is accessible by the tram No. 8 and 24. On the Karlínské náměstí, the Peckova Street can be found from the right side of the very impressive St. Cyril and Methodius Church. The access by car is possible from the Pernerova Street.

It is and excellent locality with the walking distance to the Křižíkova Metro Station. Florenc Bus Station or the tram stops. In the close vicinity, the Vítkov Park interlinked with the Parukářka Park may invite the pedestrians for the visit. The cultural, shopping or entertainment activites can be pursued in the walking distance according to the own preferences of visitors. This part of Prague become very popular for the residential board thanks to the fast and comfortable acces to the centre of Prague. 

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