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The useful and funtional apartments in the PECKOVA Housing Block were successfully sold!

There are the completely new and modern warehouses only of the area 1.1 to 5.6 m2 remained in the new special price sales offer for those outside the house who are interested to buy them. For more information on the warehouse, please, contact us at the telephone numbers +420 606 093 093 and +420 800 404 400 or by email prodej@city-home.cz 

The Peckova Residential House represents the leading idea of Czechoslovak architecture in the 1930s with the functionalism becoming that idea emphasising the functionality, i. e. the purpose of civil constructions. 

The Housing Block in the construction line of residential houses is located in the attractive living quarter of the Prague - Karlín consisting of 44 residential units and commercial premises. The modern lift, the acess and elevator service chip system and the brand new and modern cellars are and advantage of the residential house. 

The Peckova Housing Block is located in the street of the same name in the Prague 8 - Karlín. It is a quiet street just next door to the just revitalized park and the St. Cyril and Methodius Church in the immediate vicinity of the Karlín Square. Thanks to sound transport connection and numerous service facilities in the walking distance, this location is suitable for a wide range of people interested in the rental housing. An increased demand of the rental housing is noted thanks to a number of administrative buildings located in the vicinity of the Rohanské nábřeží as well. 

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