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The history of the Nad Malým mýtem residential building dates back to the period of 1929–1931, when the building was designed, built and subsequently approved in a set of 14 almost identical surrounding houses.

The building has one partly embedded underground floor, three aboveground floors a one attic right bellow the roof that is available for potential constructions. The building’s structure comprises a brick triple wing, with wooden floor structure, horizontally strengthened at the staircase and central wing through a reinforced concrete beamed ceiling. The building has a gabled roof, and its appearance means it is often described as an “A-roof”, the most common gabled roof. The main load-bearing structure comprises wooden rafters, with a tiled roof which is highly resistant to the temperature and adverse weather conditions. The house has double glazed wooden windows with overwhead ventilation. The facade plaster is made of the lime stucco material free of any decorative element.

vizualizace - návrh interiéru

vizualizace - návrh interiéru

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