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Among all other Prague districts, the Braník District stands out by retaining the environment of the real Prague outskirt until today. The narrow streets with bumpy paving are lined by the low single-storey or one-storey little houses, and there are also exceptional industrial monuments such as the Neo-Renaissance building of the former Branický Brewery with the escutcheons designed by Mikoláš Aleš, the Art Nouveau Ice house Shares premises or the pumping station of the former waterworks designed by Jan Kotěra that is serving a far-famed Prague entertainment facility today for the families with children. The main avenue of the old Braník District is the Branická Street, lined by the various shops and the little pubs. The neo-Romanesque St. Prokop Church is also and important historical monument that stands in the shade of high-grown trees. 

On the slopes with beautiful views, there is a large living quarter of villas. Moreover, in the Braník District you will find the shipyards, beaches, the Hamr Sports and recreational facility, the horse riding club, the rocks and quarry and a far-famed in-line cycle way heading to Vrané nad Vltavou. The District has the excellent car and public transport connections. It takes only fifteen minutes to the Prague Centre when travelling by tram, being a sort of sightseeing tour alongside the Vltava River as well. The low house-buildings with the sloping roofs from the nineteenth century are preserved in the Braník District albeit it is located close to the centre. Together with the river and the rocks in the vicinity, it evokes a peaceful rural atmosphere, so different from the hectic town all around. The Braník District thus offers the luxury of peaceful living in the green area with the countryside being at the same time within reach of the busy Prague Centre. 

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