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The Božkovská apartment building is a functional building with a colorful facade and high ceilings, the architectural style is the same as the surrounding stop. It is a corner brick house from 1911, which has a basement. In 2002, 3 apartments were added to the attic and a new roof was installed. The windows are plastic, the TV antenna common to the whole house. The house has no elevator. The house has a private yard, which residents can use for sitting or for leisure activities. Parking is possible on the street, a residential parking card can be requested.


The City Home company plans to invest in an apartment building from its own financial resources, thereby increasing the value of the building, which represents a benefit for future owners of residential and non-residential units. repair of the street facade after the first cornice

  • unification of electrical elements in common areas|
  • painting of common areas
  • revitalization of the common yard

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