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Pilsen is a regional city with more than 170,000 inhabitants, which corresponds to the number of primary, secondary, higher vocational and university schools. The city is full of restaurants, cafes, teahouses, clubs, where everyone can choose a program according to their taste. The dominant feature of the city is the Gothic cathedral of St. Bartholomew, built since the 14th century. The central square of the Republic is decorated with a Renaissance town hall from the 16th century, a baroque Marian column and three modern fountains.

The city has a long cultural tradition and several theater and music festivals are held here every year. In September 2010, representatives of the international jury in Prague announced the city of Pilsen as the winner of the competition for the title of European Capital of Culture in 2015.

As part of the project, the New Theater and DEPO2015 were built, a creative zone where concerts, exhibitions, lectures, conferences are held, as well as an open Coworking office and a community garden. A sports and relaxation center was established in Štruncové sady in the vicinity of the football stadium. For athletes, there are many sports fields and cycle paths in and around Pilsen. Nature is just a stone's throw away, the city lies at the confluence of four rivers (Mže, Radbuzy, Úhlava and Úslavy) and is surrounded by forests and ponds.

The location has full civic amenities, in the vicinity of the house you will find shops, educational, medical, cultural and sports facilities, all within walking distance.


  • shopping center Galerie Slovany
  • Slovany swimming pool
  • farmer's markets on Náměstí Republiky
  • breweries and exhibition of Pilsen Prazdroje
  • St. Bartholomew's Cathedral
  • tours of the historical underground
  • Pilsen Zoo
  • West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen
  • Lobez park
  • Chvojko quarries
  • Veledrom Pilsen
  • Beach area TJ Lokomotiva Pilsen

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