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Veletrzni is located in the city part of Prague 7 - Holesovice. This part of Prague is characterized by its huge diversity, you will find elegant restaurants and bars, next to experimental theaters and clubs in renovated factories. There are also traditional pubs, lots of small local shops from farmers to independent fashion retailers.

The National Gallery exhibits its collections of modern art in the Trade Fair Palace, while the DOX Center offers bold exhibitions of contemporary art. An inexhaustible number of cultural events take place at the Prague Exhibition Grounds. Stromovka Park and the proximity of the Vltava River guarantee the possibility of long walks near the greenery and the river. You will definitely not be bored in this Prague district.


  • Veletrzni Palace
  • DOX Center for Contemporary Art
  • Vystaviste areal, Sea World
  • planetarium
  • Kralovska obora (Stromovka park)
  • National Technical Museum
  • Zoo
  • Botanic Garden
  • Vnitroblock creative center
  • Holešovice port

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