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The Libeň settlement was established at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries and consisted of two fortresses, one standing in the upper part in the area of today's Thomayer orchards, the other on the border with Vysočany. Since 1901, on the basis of the regional law, it has been attached to Prague as its eighth district. Today it is located in the wider center of Prague and is very easily accessible, only a few minutes by tram to the metro lines B (Palmovka) and C (Kobylisy), you can reach the center of Prague in 20 minutes. By car, you can use the entrance to the Prague ring road and the Blanka tunnel. The neighborhood has all civic amenities: Bulovka University Hospital, shops, restaurants, sports fields, schools and kindergartens. For nature lovers, there are parks with views of the surroundings and a cycle path along the Rokytky river.


  • rocks in Prosek park
  • Thomayer sets
  • park Pod Korábem
  • sports complex Libeň
  • bobsled track and rope park Prosek
  • aqua center Šutka
  • Harfa shopping center
  • Pod Palmovka theater

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