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7. 6. 2022 | Two 2+1 apartments near Vyšehrad for sale

As a direct owner, we offer for sale 2+1 apartments with a size of 60 m2 and 71 m2 on the 2nd floor of a brick building in a quiet location in Prague's Vyšehrad in Vratislavova Street

The Vratislavova house has five floors above ground and we offer for sale two apartment units with a 2+1 layout. The apartments have an entrance hall, a bathroom with toilet, a separate kitchen with a window and two living rooms. A new cellar cubicle will be built for each apartment in the basement of the house, which is a condition of purchase and is not included in the price of the unit. The price will be NOK 30,000 per m2. The location has full civic amenities, in the vicinity of the house you will find shops, schools, kindergartens, medical, cultural and sports facilities, restaurants, bars, cafes. Popular farmer's markets on the embankment are also nearby.


  • discussion of documentation and elevator shaft and submission of application for building permit for elevator and shaft / 4Q 2022
  • realization of an elevator and an elevator shaft with the connection of cellars in the underground, including the affected common areas / 3 Q 2023
  • facade revitalization / 3Q 2023
  • repairs of common areas inside the house - power, electrical installation, plinths, chip entry system, painting, lights and switches / 4Q 2022
  • preparation of cellar spaces for the installation of cellar cubicles / 4Q 2022
  • implementation of basement cubicles for housing units

You can find more information and floor plans HERE.
Call us to arrange a tour of the apartments at phone number 606 093 093.

There are also two non-residential premises in the house on the first floor and on the fifth floor there is a plot of land with an area of 222 m2 suitable for the construction of new attic flats, which is provided by a building contract with a building permit.

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