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Myslíkova 28

There are a total of 13 residential units and 8 commercial spaces in the maintained building from 1929. The total area of the house is 2,284 m2, including cellars and land. The area of the residential units is 1,025 m2, the commercial area is 1,068 m2, and thanks to the excellent location, they offer variability for a wide range of applications. The other areas are warehouses and land. Most of the units have expired leases, have been evicted, and some units have undergone partial renovation. The building is connected to all utilities – water, sewage, electricity, gas.

The house is located in the immediate vicinity of Karlova náměstí near the Novoměstská radnice, in the vicinity there is a wealth of civic amenities including supermarkets, restaurants, cultural facilities and a hospital. Excellent transport accessibility: directly at the metro stop B and by tram, 10 minutes' walk to Wenceslas Square or the embankment. There are several popular rest areas nearby, such as Slovanský ostrov, where the Žofín Palace or Strelecky ostrov are located.

apartment building, Prague 2

  • address: Myslíkova 283/28, 120 00 Prague 2 – Nové Město
  • layout: 2+kitchen to 4+1
  • floors: 1st floor to 8th floor
  • total floor area: 2,284 m2
  • transaction: sale of 100% share
  • exclusive seller: SATPO management, s.r.o., Holečkova 3331/35, Prague 5
  • price on request

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