The residential house typically represents a purpose-built building of simple shapes, which is in very good condition, as well as residential units with a layout from 1+kk to 4+kk

The apartment building was built in 1933 according to a project from 1931 by Ing. arch. Jindřich Holman for the building and housing cooperative of the People's Party in Prague. Together with other neighboring buildings on the north side, it closes the southern half of the block, which is the former barracks of Jan Roháč of Dubá (later the 28th Prague Regiment) built at the end of the 19th century.

The apartment building was built at a time when the emphasis was on freeing buildings from decor and applying the construction, color and structure of the building material. It is a hint of a new style - purism, which later evolved into functionalism and constructivism. Complicity is replaced by the geometric purity of shapes, decoration or machined aesthetics were considered unfashionable at that time. Inside the block, there has been a building since 2006, which together with the reconstructed former barracks serves as a judicial complex.

Major modifications of the residential house: new street facade, renovation of the entrance door to the house, installation of a chip system, modification of electrical wiring in the common areas of the house, floor revitalization, bird protection nets, plaster repairs, paintings.