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The street Ke Koulce is located in Prague 5 within walking distance of Smíchovské nádraží metro station, from where you can easily travel by train within Prague and beyond the capital city. Just a few steps from the house, you can catch a tram at the Křížová stop, connecting you to Anděl within 5 minutes or the Braunova stop, providing access to the Radlická metro station. The Ke Koulce stop also serves buses.

In the immediate vicinity of the house, you'll find convenience stores, a café, a pharmacy, and several restaurants. Right by the house, there is an entrance to the park around Paví vrch and the Santoška garden.


  • Paví vrch
  • Santoška garden
  • Dívčí hrady
  • Baldrian restaurant
  • Motorlet Praha sports club
  • Sportcentrum Radlice
  • Nový Smíchov Shopping Center (OC Nový Smíchov)

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