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13. 6. 2023 | We offer new apartments in Pilsen, some of which we have reduced in price

In an apartment building in the wider center of Pilsen, we offer for sale units ranging from 17.6 m2 to 77.3 m2, including basement cubicles. We are expanding the offer with new units, some of which we have made cheaper.

The beautiful historic building from 1911, in which the apartments are located, is in very good technical condition and has undergone a number of modifications. The ground extension has been implemented, the house has a new roof and new windows. It is planned to repair the common areas and the street facade above the first cornice.

The building is located in Božkovského Street, i.e. basically in the very center of the West Bohemian metropolis. There is a school, kindergarten, groceries, doctor within walking distance, and a number of sports facilities (swimming pool, tennis courts...) within 5 minutes walking distance. Slovany shopping center is two tram stops away and the U Duhy tram and trolleybus stop is a 1-minute walk from the house. The access to the D5 motorway can be reached in 10 minutes by car.

We have three one-room apartments up to 46 m2 available in the building, which are suitable as a starter apartment or investment. If you are looking for something bigger, there are available apartments in the building from 52 m2 to 77 m2 with a layout of 2+kk to 3+1.

You can view the complete offer of available apartments in Pilsen here. To arrange a tour, contact us at info@city-home.cz.

You do not pay commission for mediation and you can take advantage of other benefits, such as a discount of up to 15% on furniture and custom-made kitchens at our partner FajnNábytek. The photo with the furniture represents a visualization of the interior design (the apartment is sold unfurnished).

vizualizace - návrh interiéru

vizualizace - návrh interiéru

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