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4. 9. 2023 | We also have warehouses and cellars available for sale

We currently have warehouses/cellars for sale in Prague's Břevnov and Libeň

Both locations have excellent transport accessibility in the wider center of Prague. Warehouses up to 16.4 m2 in Nad Kajetánkou Street in Prague 6 are located in a building near the entrance to the Blanka tunnel complex with connections to the city ring road and Václav Havel Airport. Metro stations A Hradčanská and Dejvická are accessible within 7 minutes from this location. Larger warehouses have the potential to be converted to build studios.

The second location in the upper part of Libeň in the street V Zahradách offers a smaller warehouse (5.5 m2) only a few minutes by tram to the metro lines B Palmovka and C Kobylisy, you can reach the city center in 20 minutes. By car, you can use the entrance to the Prague ring road and the Blanka tunnel.

Arrange a tour by calling 606 093 093 or contact us at info@city-home.cz.

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