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19. 1. 2023 | The city as a book of history

We are always happy to support children's education and the project Město jako učebnice organizes interesting events in Prague 3 - Vinohrady.

After-school creative workshops introduce the history, architecture and inhabitants of Prague 3. The goal is a deeper understanding of the structure of the city thanks to visits to specific places and meetings with artists and witnesses, which leads children to be interested in their surroundings and history, to improve living conditions and to protect cultural heritage.

On January 18, a group of curious visitors went to the house in Kolínská street, where they learned how life used to be in the house. The lecture was dedicated, among other things, to the Fafk family, whose apartment the group also visited and where the family repeatedly provided asylum to paratroopers during the Second World War. See photos from the house tour on the Facebook pages.

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