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7. 9. 2020 | Successful bonds issued in real estate market 2020

City Home Invest III, s.r.o. belonging to the SATPO group successfully issued bonds in the amount of CZK 210 million for a period of 5 years with a maturity in 2025 on 15 June 2020. Funds from the bond issue are used to co-finance and purchase existing apartment buildings and co-ownership shares in attractive Prague locations

The issue manager was the international investment company WOOD & Co, which focuses on securities trading, corporate finance consulting and asset management with headquarters in Prague and branches in Bratislava, Warsaw, London, Bucharest and Milan. The bond issue is a logical continuation of several successful issues of debt instruments implemented at the level of individual projects within the SATPO Group.

"We are intensively involved in acquisition activities, we buy entire apartment buildings, multifunctional houses, land and co-ownership shares." ays sales director Irena Houžvičková, and continues: "for resale. We offer real estate owners comprehensive real estate and development services, we rely on the satisfaction of our clients and investors."

The complete acquisition activity as well as the sale of real estate, including a wide range of services provided, is provided by an experienced team of experts from SATPO management, s.r.o. The current list of properties under the SATPO and City Home brands is presented in the company's sales center at Holečkova 3331/35, Prague 5 or via www.city-home.cz and www.satpo.cz.


The SATPO Group has been operating on the Czech real estate market as a developer, investor and provider of residential real estate services since 1994. It mainly specializes in the construction and sale of premium real estate in Prague, and has long invested in existing residential real estate. As part of the services provided, the company offers comprehensive real estate and development services to property owners. The professional sales team is an experienced advisor in the selection of new housing and offers all services related to the selection, acquisition and financing of housing, the possibility of client changes and turnkey interiors in a pleasant environment of the company's sales center. For many years, the company has been an active member of the Association for the Development of the Real Estate Market (ARTN) and a member of the Association of Developers.

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