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28. 5. 2020 | Residential video tours

As part of improving client care, it is possible to watch a video tour of the apartments in the Ruská and Nad Malým Mýtem apartment buildings in Prague. You can get acquainted with our offer in the comfort of your office or home

As part of a video tour of a residential building in Prague 10 in Ruská Street, you will see not only the standard of flats, but also common areas and the exterior of the building. There is also a presentation of the surrounding area.

Another video tour of a residential building in Prague 4 in Nad Malým Mýtem Street is a guided tour by a sales consultant, Tereza Hejlová, who will introduce you to the entire building, show you a model apartment and introduce you to the services offered by our company.

Watch our youtube, you can look forward to more video tours soon.

On May 24, 2020.

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