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29. 10. 2020 | Real estate sales and client services under the Covid-19 measure

In connection with the Covid-19 virus, our company has taken a number of preventive measures to prevent disruption of the services provided to our clients and business partners. We would like to assure you that our professional team continues to provide quality real estate services associated with the sale of our properties, including advice and mediation of sales or rentals.

Thanks to modern technical equipment, our company and business center operate in full, we use remote work equipment, flexible clocks and rotary work. All employees are reachable as usual, by phone and e-mail, meetings are mostly held via conference call or video conference.

The City Home sales center is now open every weekday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., meets the highest hygienic measures, the reception and sales consultants are equipped with protective equipment and respect the distance of two meters from the client during a personal meeting. As part of the tour or personal meeting, we recommend coming in a maximum of two people and without children. After a tour or a personal meeting, we offer hand sanitizers. We hand over the complete presentation and price offer of the real estate in question to the client in a gift bag.

If you are interested in any property from our offer, a detailed presentation will always be sent to the client by the sales consultant, the price offer and all questions can be answered by phone or via e-mail. If you are interested in a tour or meeting, we offer:

for apartments to move in immediately - personal inspection or video conference call according to the client's preferences (Teams, Skype, Zoom)
for rented apartments intended for sale - personal meeting or video conference call with a detailed presentation of the offer according to the client's preferences (Teams, Skype, Zoom), if you are interested in buying, we will arrange a personal inspection or video conference call according to the client's preferences
for commercial real estate intended for rent - personal inspection or scientific conference call according to the client's preferences (Teams, Skype, Zoom)

On March 23, 2020.

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