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1. 5. 2019 | Preparation for sale - Ďáblická

Residential three-storey house with a total of 10 residential units is located directly in Ďáblická Street

Functional and practical arrangement of apartments with a layout of 1+kk to 2+1 represents economically advantageous housing with the promise of a quiet neighborhood. On the fourth floor there is a non-residential unit and an entrance to the attic. The attic space offers an investment opportunity for the construction of another new housing unit.

The windows to the courtyard have a nice view of the greenery, the surrounding area is arranged. Both houses have basements, so each apartment has a cellar and a common garden in the courtyard belonging to the entire residential complex. One apartment unit includes parking in the garage on the first floor, another parking space is possible along the street in both directions.

Housing units represent an ideal investment opportunity, whether for the purpose of own housing or long-term rental.

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