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1. 4. 2022 | New apartments for sale in Veletržní and Vratislavova streets

Residential, non-residential and attic spaces in attractive locations - Prague 2 and Prague 7

Our offer includes new 1+1 to 2+1 apartment units in Vratislavova Street 59/5, where there are also two non-residential spaces and a 222 m² plot of land suitable for the construction of attic apartments. We are also newly offering 1+1 apartments and three non-residential units in Veletržní Street 405/31.

Both houses are located in very attractive Prague locations, offer residents proximity to all civic amenities and represent an ideal investment opportunity, whether for own housing or long-term rental.

For a price offer and more information, contact us by e-mail at prodej@city-home.cz or by phone at 606 093 093.

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