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15. 8. 2023 | Lucrative commercial space in the center of Prague

We currently offer commercial space for sale and possible long-term lease in the building at Školská 12 in Prague 1.

The building in which the space is located can be found in a very desirable part of Prague 1, in an exceptional location near Wenceslas Square and Charles Square. The commercial space with an area of 150 m2 was operated as a restaurant for many years in the past, now it is cleared. The house in which it is located will soon undergo a complete renovation, so from the point of view of potential it will be an interesting investment. In addition to these spaces, we are also selling two apartments in the building with a layout of 2+1 and 3+1.

Our real estate specialists will provide you with more information during the inspection or by phone. If you are interested, contact us to arrange a tour at 606 093 093 or via the form below.

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