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23. 3. 2023 | City Home offers NEW apartments in Pilsen as well

The apartment building, where we offer 12 units for sale, is located in the wider center of Pilsen on the corner of Božkovská and Sladkovského streets.

Apartments ranging in size from 17.6 m2 to 77.3 m2 also have a basement cubicle available. Commercial units from 42.1 m2 to 101 m2 are also for sale, they are commercial premises with separate entrances from the street, an office and a spacious warehouse in the basement. See here the current offer of real estate for sale in Pilsen.

The building is in very good technical condition and has undergone a number of modifications: realization of the attic, new roof and replacement of windows. It is planned to repair the street facade to the first cornice, unify electrical elements in common areas, paint common areas and revitalize the yard, which is intended for residents to relax.

At City Home, you do not pay a brokerage commission and you can take advantage of other benefits such as a discount of up to 15% on furniture and custom-made kitchens at our partner FajnNábytek as part of the LIVING club offer for our clients.

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