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21. 11. 2017 | Bořivojova apartments

Be among the first to choose the best apartment in the center of Prague for a great price! Sales start: January 2018

The history of the house in Prague's Žižkov dates back to the middle of the 19th century, when the official architecture is dominated by the repetition of historical schemes, but with new contents. The apartments were decorative, welcoming with the impression of luxury, but inside they are dispositionally functional and practical. The Bořivojov residential house meets all the elements of this period, it represents a perfect presentation of historical significance.

The Bořivojova residential house consists of seven floors and offers a total of 20 residential units with a layout of 2+kk or 2+1, two commercial spaces on the ground floor and four studios (two with a front garden on the ground floor and two with a terrace on the top floor). Housing units represent an ideal investment opportunity for rent, they are fully furnished with furniture that can be purchased. The upper floors offer a tempting view of the historic center of Prague.

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