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Bořivojova residential building comprises seven storeys and provides a total of 20 one-bedroom apartment units

Bořivojova residential building comprises seven storeys and provides a total of 20 one-bedroom apartment units with kitchenette or separate kitchen, two commercial premises on the ground floor and four studios (two with a garden on the ground floor and two with a terrace on the top floor). The apartment units represent an ideal investment opportunity to rent out, and are fully furnished with the option to purchase the furnishings. The top storeys have an attractive view over Prague’s historic city centre.

The building in Prague’s Žižkov neighbourhood dates back to the mid-19th century, a time when repetition of historical designs dominated official architecture, but with new features; they were decorative, warm, with an impression of luxury, but with a functional and practical design inside. Bořivojova residential building contains all the features of the era, providing a perfect showcase of historic significance.

Sales begin: January 2018.

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