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8. 4. 2020 | A gift for City Home clients full of good wine

As part of client care and as a thank you for your trust in the purchase of the property, City Home presents its clients with a birthday gift voucher from a supplier of premium wines and delicacies.

Dobrá vína s.r.o. are a direct importer of premium French and Italian wines. The menu includes not only red, white and rosé wines, but also champagne, sparkling wines and biodynamic wines. Their e-shop also offers amazing delicacies, such as Mathez chocolate truffles, Michel Cluizel chocolate, terrines and confit vegetables from La Conserverie Saint Christophe. The menu of wines and delicacies is complemented by a unique plantation coffee. Wine tasting tickets and gift certificates can also be selected. Tasting and expert advice in choosing a suitable wine is a matter of course.

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