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We highly value the trust of our clients and when choosing a new home or investing in real estate. By becoming a member of the club LIVING, you get premium benefits from our proven business partners from the world of design, interior, decorative accessories, modern end element technologies, including additional services such as home insurance or moving.

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The City Home company belongs to the SATPO group, which has been active on the Czech real estate market since 1994. Mainly in Prague, the SATPO group specializes in premium developer residential projects under the SATPO brand, provides for the sale of residential and non-residential units, and also offers the rental of commercial premises. Under the City Home brand, it invests in the area of existing residential real estate for a long time, ensures the sale of residential and non-residential units, attic space for construction, and creates attractive opportunities for investors. Specializes in ideal shares and entire apartment buildings, buys land for future development.

The professional sales team is an experienced advisor when choosing a new home, offers all services related to the acquisition, financing and mediation of real estate, the possibility of client changes and turnkey interior including additional services in the pleasant environment of a sales center in Prague.

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Our company SATPO offers housing in residential properties, garage spaces or plots of land for sale or rent in the center of Prague and its immediate surroundings.

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