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asset management

For a user comfort, the company City Home offers to the clients to process all requests related to the online asset management. 

  • In the first step, you need to log in by mean of the Login Form on the top bar of the screen of the website. The asset management section is displayed in the client zone with the option for the client entering any request into the system to be processed automatically and in the required time. If you are not aware of your login details, fill out the form for registration. 
  • The request can be entered not only for the unit (the request may be entered by the tenant of the apartment unit, her/his representative or City Home employee), but also for the shared premises (the request may be entered by the house administrator, tenant or the City Home employee).
  • The user receives the confirmation of a request received via the client zone login e-mail and will be informed on the course of settlement, i. e. date of local investiogation or acceptance/refusal of the request or information on closing the request. 

In case of any query, please, contact the representative of the company City Home via e-mail sprava@city-home.cz


The emergency calls out are charged according to the valid price list of the House Administrator available upon request at the House Administration or the SVJ Commitee of the Homeowner association. The emergency line is intended for the emergency situations that would directly endanger the property and the lives of other persons in the building.


  • water: broken water riser/pipe, where it is required to close the main valve (water supply to the building). This will temporarily limit the use of water 
  • electricity: facility power failure, sparks from electrical installations, eletrical short circuits 
  • sewer pipes: if there is a clogging, disconnection, flooding of the apartment unit from the sewer connection 
  • heating: if there is a rupture or disconnection of pipes, radiators or control fittings in the apartment unit or shared facilites 


  • water - failures: 840 111 112 
  • gas - failures: Pražská Plynárenská: 1239
  • electricity: PRE 840 550 055 / EON: 800 225 577
  • emergency telephone number 112
  • police 158
  • fire brigade 150
  • emergency medical service 155

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