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City Home offers comprehensive real estate services and mediation of sales or rentals. We will create a presentation of the property, including the processing of floor plans, we will design promotional channels, we will prepare all legal documents for fast, discreet securing of sale or lease. We will prepare real estate for sale or rent, provide all promotional, legal, financial and professional services, offer property management and additional services such as moving, insurance, architect services and proven partners from the world of interiors.

If you are interested in taking up our services, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.


Our City Home commercial and sales team offers the quality and professional services. Based on the available documents, it will prepare a detailed analysis of the market prices, recommend adjustments to increase value of the property. It has all the professional background for all participants in the purchase and sale of real estate. Based on the co-operation defined by the investment memorandum, it will also offer the scope of financial participation, including a proposal for the implementation of adjustments. The sale services include the following activities: 

  • expert inspection and assessment of the market price of real estate
  • proposals of the small construction adjustments, including the implementation
  • offer of the financial participation
  • work out the professional real estate online presentation
  • target marketing and promotion
  • comprehensive legal service and assurance of a secure business transaction
  • personal care of a sales consultant throughout the business relationship
  • personal handover of the property to the client
  • providing tax consulting and after-sales service



The property ownership as well as its transfer for the lease involves a considerable worry and the costs paid to the administrator in particular when providing the services related to the lease. We can engage our experience in the field of:

  • technical and price assessment of the real estate
  • update of the lease agreements, re-negotiations
  • statement of account configuration control
  • coordination of activities of the property owner and the tenant



We offer additional services when taking over the property for sale or rent that save the time and facilitate all activities related to the use of the property such as:

  • moving service
  • mortgage financing mediation
  • real estate insurance
  • interior and decorative accessories arrangement
  • ensuring the energy label
  • legal and tax consulting
  • own notary services

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